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Elementary School Admission

Our elementary program serves students ages 6-12 (grades 1 through 6).

As a member of a worldwide educational community, we celebrate our differences and similarities, respecting people of all races, religions, and national or ethnic origins.  All are welcome at OakHaven Montessori School.

To qualify for admission, a student must have completed a Montessori Primary Program at OakHaven or another Montessori school so that he/she possesses the necessary foundation upon which the elementary studies are built.  As with the Primary Program, we accept those qualified students, who, in the opinion of the school, will have successful experiences in the program and will enhance the classes for which they are applicants.

If your child has completed the Primary Program at OakHaven, no Elementary School application form is needed.

Admission process for students who have completed the Primary Program at another Montessori school:


  1. Parents come in for a private tour of the school, where you will be given lots of information about OakHaven and an Elementary application form.
  2. Return the completed application and the $50 non-refundable application fee (OakHaven Elementary Application for Admission).
  3. Upon receipt of your application, we will contact you to schedule a day for your child(ren) to visit the elementary classroom.
  4. After the visit day, we will mutually decide if OakHaven is the right school for your child.

Upon acceptance into the Elementary program, you will receive an enrollment packet containing all the information you need plus all the forms required for admission.