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OakHaven OFallon Montessori Primary School

OakHaven Montessori Primary School

A child’s task during the primary years is self construction. The Montessori environment is designed to remove obstacles to development, laying a strong foundation for success in all aspects of life. …read more

OakHaven Montessori Elementary School

OakHaven Montessori Elementary

The New Alternative in Elementary Education. A classroom of mixed-ages, working interdependently on lessons of their choosing and interest. …read more

Who Attends a Montessori School

Who Attends Montessori

Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Founders of Google, Jeff Bezos of amazon.com, and many others credit their Montessori education for much of their success. …read more

Friday Photos

Photos of a week in the life at OakHaven Montessori…view more


Why OakHaven Montessori School

Why OakHaven Montessori School

Set on four acres of scenic, park-like grounds, OakHaven Montessori School provides children with a refreshing alternative to traditional and popular early childhood education. The nurturing and holistic environment reflects the spirit of every staff member at OakHaven.…read more

What do OakHaven Montessori Parents Say

What do the OakHaven Montessori School Parents Say

I was so excited to learn that a child’s education, the Montessori way, could be holistic. -Dr. Whitney Hamed

To offer her the opportunity to learn without limits. -Nicole Phillips

They nurture the children from wherever they are developmentally. -Kristine Ryan

We feel like she is in the hands of family every day. -Rob Smith

I want something more…and I have found it at OakHaven. -Michelle Bross

I feel fortunate to be able to bring my son to a place where he is truly repected and valued. -Niki Anconetani

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Why Choose Montessori Elementary

Why Choose a Montessori Education

Because you only get one opportunity to learn how to think. At its most basic level, a Montessori education is a mode of thinking and problem-solving. The Montessori education fosters independent thinking and interdependent problem-solving, encouraging creativity and curiosity. A Montessori curriculum is the prepared environment where intelligence can grow exponentially. …read more