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OakHaven Montessori School’s Nutritional Philosophy

At OakHaven Montessori School we pride ourselves on offering a nutritionally and glycemically balanced menu for our primary (pre-school and kindergarten) students. A wholesome and simple lunch and nutritious and tasty snacks are served. No desserts or sugary snacks find their way into our menus. We ask that parents who provide celebration treats bring healthy, low sugar snacks as well. A vegetarian option is provided each day, and we do our best to accommodate allergy and dietary issues.

The children are taught to respect their bodies’ needs for healthy food. Morning and afternoon snacks are made available for the children to serve themselves whenever they are ready. They sit at a table with a friend to eat and chat. 

The lunch experience is practical life at its finest! The children set the tables themselves with cloth placemats and napkins, silverware, and real plates and glasses. The children and adults all serve themselves, sit together, place their napkins in their laps and have friendly conversations while they enjoy the meal. Lunch is a great opportunity to practice lots of grace and courtesy lessons as well as appropriate table manners. It is refreshing to witness very small children using “please,” “thank you,” and “may I.” Polite conversation is encouraged and enjoyed by all.

After they have finished eating, the children scrape their plates and place the dirty dishes and cloths in appropriate bins. Parents of OakHaven children are welcome to join us for lunch on the day of their child’s birthday celebration.


OakHaven Montessori School is a private pre-school and elementary school serving children ages 2.5-12.  We are located in the O’Fallon/Dardenne Prairie area of St. Charles county.