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By: Judy Henrichs

Each day marks a new one.  Each thought creates a new path in our lives. Each experience, big or small, changes us forever.  Nineteen children had a huge beginning last week as they entered their new world at OakHaven Montessori School.  For a few, it was the beginning of a transition from another school and, in some cases, from another city.  For most of the 19, it was the beginning of a whole new life as they entered school for the first time.

As I watch their precious faces, I try to imagine what that first day must be like, to walk in without mom or dad, to see new people and unfamiliar things.  Would I be brave and excited, or scared and withdrawn?  Would I want to touch all those new “toys”, or would I shy away from them?  Or would I flip back and forth among all those feelings and dozens more?

Thirty six “veteran” OakHaven students also had a huge beginning last week.  For some it was the beginning of their lives as elementary students.  For all, it was the beginning of a whole new year filled with new people, many new materials, and all the big work that they’ve been preparing themselves to do.

Every staff member experienced a new beginning last week, too.  Like orchestra conductors, each of the staff was thrilled to welcome all the experienced, well tuned musicians back.  And how exciting it was to listen to the beautiful sounds each new musician is bringing to the concert!  After only one short week of “rehearsals” I am astounded at the harmony and the diverse melodies they have already created together.

I am filled with awe and wonder and excitement over the beginning of this school year adventure with all these incredible children, parents, and staff.  Thank you for being a part of the beginning of a journey that will enrich each of our lives.



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