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By Kathleen Lewis (11/29/2010)

My husband and I attended one of several yearly informational meetings on Parent Education at OakHaven recently. We have attended a few of these meetings in the past, also. The one resounding thing that we always leave with is this new sense of eagerness and joy to begin putting into place what we learned.

We began OakHaven knowing very little about Montessori but living a pretty holistic lifestyle and wanting a wholesome, safe environment for our child. What we have learned in the last several months about Montessori through the Parent Education nights and elsewhere have swept us right in.

Miss Heather explains to us that the children crave purposeful work. When we bring that idea home and set it into motion, our eyes and hearts tell us this is so true.

What makes me so happy is that we leave the Parent Education nights armed with new material to try at home. We come away better parents. We learn from the top-notch staff at OakHaven, and we also learn from the other Montessori parents who relay what is working for them in their home.


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