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By: Peggy Komadina (1/10/2013)

The beginning of a new year brings about an inevitable period of reflection.  A time of looking back on all that’s passed and looking forward to all that is to come. Joining the Oak Haven family was a huge part of my 2012, and what a gift it has been! I am so very grateful to spend my days with a group so lovely, and so devoted to the passion they feel for Montessori. What a tremendous amount of blessings and joy 2012 brought! There were also events in 2012 that hurt. There were days we wept in profound baffled pain together as a nation. There were days that it was difficult to smile. Then I would walk into the classroom. There I would find beautiful faces that count on me to smile. Faces I love and adore so much! How could I not smile? How could my hope not be renewed? Faces that remind me of why we are all so very passionate about what we do every single day. Peace.

Each day in the classroom, every single thing is designed to keep guiding us to that beautiful word. Peace. Every step we take, we are thoughtful of how we are stepping. Are we rushing? Every step is calm, every action is working toward peace. When we speak to the children we use a peaceful voice. Our actions and words move us toward peace. Is it always calm and peaceful in the classroom? No. There are times of challenge, but how exciting for us to find ways to overcome these challenges! When there is a child seeking that bit of extra guidance, a child that is struggling in some way, we are called to dig even deeper into our own sense of calm, our own sense of peace to help them over this hurdle. We continue to work toward our common goal of peace.

It is so exciting to watch these beautiful children grow. To see what is going to call to them on any given day, to find something that appeals to their souls and absorbs them so completely. It is so exciting to watch a child care for their environment and care for their friends. Seeing a child bring a tissue to another child who is in need of one is truly one of the most beautiful sights! It is such a touching reminder that it all stems from these small but significant actions. In The Absorbent Mind Dr. Montessori says, “It is not the transmission of knowledge that is required, the consideration of the human personality alone can lead us to salvation.” and “If salvation and help are to come, it is through the child: for the child is the constructor of man.” Those words are such beautiful reassurance. Thank you for allowing me to spend my days with your children. Together we can get there, we can get to that beautiful place of peace.