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By: Heather Steinman (2/27/14)

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole

orchestra to play it.” – H.F. Luccock

First and foremost, I want to thank you all for choosing Montessori education for your children.  As I am sure you are witnessing, they are all thriving each day as they work to create themselves into who they are meant to be.  Thank you for giving them this opportunity.

Thank you for getting up each and every day and giving your little ones the extra time to dress themselves and put on their own shoes, zip their own jackets.  Thank you for guiding those elementary children as they pack their own lunches.  Thank you for being willing to send snow pants, boots, gloves, and hats, as well as rain boots and raincoats “just-in-case”!  Thank you for smiling when you pick up your children who are covered in mud, knowing they have had time to connect with the outdoors today instead of worrying about the stains.  Thank you for tirelessly sending extra clothes in so that they can change when they get wet or dirty!

Thank you for your willingness to volunteer.  Thank you for the many donations and gifts you have given to our classrooms!  Thank you for coming to observe your children at work!!!!

Thank you for being present in your child’s life and getting in touch when you are worried about something.  I cannot tell you how valuable it is to maintain this partnership that we have together.  Please know that we all welcome and appreciate all the communications we have with you.  Thank you also for attending parent education nights!!!!  Your interest in learning more about how your children learn breathes life into our adult community.  Even more so, it helps you to communicate with your children with knowledge of what they are experiencing, in a language that they understand.  Thank you for coming to parent/teacher conferences and bringing questions.  Thank you for listening with an open mind when there might be tough words to speak.  Thank you for being willing to work together to find solutions!  It is always a privilege for us to share our observations of the children with you.

THANK YOU FOR YOUR TRUST AND FAITH!  It is so hard to say goodbye to a child who is screaming and crying and telling you they “don’t wanna go to school!”  I would venture to say most all of you have been there.  Thank you for trusting us and giving your child the chance to work through those moments.  Thank you for knowing that it will only make them stronger and more confident in themselves as well as in the relationship they have with you!  Thank you for asking your children after school if they had a nice day.  Thank you for believing that they are working each day at their own pace, on the things they need to, in order to aid their development.  Thank you for allowing us as their guides to make sure this is happening.

Now I want you all to give yourselves a huge pat on the back.  You are marvelous moms and dads!!!!  Often as a parent, I feel as though I am “doing it wrong”.  And you know what?  Sometimes I really am.  I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to be gentle with yourselves.  Know that you are trying your best and keep going!  Take new knowledge as something exciting.  Embody the way your children seek out information, and you try it, too.  We can always be getting better, but don’t forget to be proud of all that you already are.  Thank you all for being you!!!