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April Powell, Head of School:

Summer at Last
The Little Things
The Montessori Mindset
Trash or Treasure
How Do We Do It?
Keys to the World
When Children Disagree (or even fight) – What’s our role?
Is Bigger Really Better?
If you don’t know where you are going, it doesn’t much matter how you get there

Judy Henrichs, Administrator:

Ask Better Questions 101
The Perfect Sandcastle
Red Cup, Yellow Cup, Green Cup
The Woes of Being a Montessori Parent
The Real Value of Values
This Letter is R-Rated
Happy Thanksgiving, Dad, and Mom!
Dads’ BBQ Takes Gold Medal!
Shhhhhh….Listen to the Learning
The Two Wolves
The Bigger “YES!”
Memories of the Future

Debra Hall, Primary Directress:

The Birth of a Montessori Assistant
Building Respect – A critical component of fostering success
There’s No Place Like…School

Peggy Komadina, Primary Directress:

A Passionate Peace
The Need for Sleep

 Cass Aitken, Elementary Directress:

Goings Out – Not Just for Children Anymore
Sportsmanship, Team Sports and Montessori Education
Elementary Birthday Celebrations: Parents We’re Not in Primary Anymore
Scenes From The Elementary Playground

Mikol Gillespie, Elementary Assistant:


Julie Belter, Primary Assistant

How to Help Children Work Through Change

Fred Henrichs, Administrator:

Nature vs. Nurture
Mr. Fred’s Annual Tip on Child Care Tax Credit

Amy Bunge, Office Manager:

A Parent’s (Montessori) Education 
Summer Lunch Ideas
The Reason
Trusting Children to be Capable