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From OakHaven Montessori Parents

I was so excited to learn that a child’s education, the Montessori way, could be holistic.

Holistic Montessori Education

“I had no idea what Montessori even was until I visited OakHaven. After about an hour my views of education and how my child could learn were flipped upside down. Being a chiropractor, everything I do and surround myself with is very holistically based. I was so excited to learn that a child’s education, the Montessori way, could be holistic also… When I saw the classroom and tools for teaching language, math, reading, self-care, and many more facets of life I realized that the teacher is the guide and the child is the leader of his/her unlimited potential.

Since Reese has started at OakHaven her independence and confidence have skyrocketed. She can now dress herself (she just turned 3), clean up her messes, fix her meals, serve herself, set the table, put away dishes, and many more activities that I thought I had to do for her. She beams with excitement when she does these things on her own. Reese thrives with her routine and classroom time 5 days per week.

There is no way I or any other child care program could ever provide the level of activities, learning and skills that OakHaven provides. The teachers are 100% dedicated to the Montessori curriculum and to the children. It shows in their communication style with the children, their teaching methods, the healthy foods they make available for the children, and the environment they have designed in the school.

My favorite thing about OakHaven is that when I pull up to drop off Reese, I have a feeling of peace and reassurance that my child is in the ABSOLUTE best place to learn and grow into her full potential– and that it will happen that day!” -Dr. Whitney Hamed

To offer her the opportunity to learn without limits.

Montessori Independence

“The moment I was introduced to the mission of OakHaven Montessori School, I knew without hesitation it is the perfect learning environment for my child. As my daughter began her Montessori education, I quickly realized the significance of trusting her personal instincts, in order to offer her the opportunity to learn without limits. As the dynamics of our relationship began to change, she began to excel as she fine-tuned her skills of decision making and independence.
Throughout the school year, the Montessori multi-sensory approach to learning has enhanced her understanding of concrete principles while increasing her awareness of abstract concepts. She has personally matured intellectual and emotionally in her first year of primary education and through parent education and staff communication, my husband and I have learned priceless information on how to nurture this learning process.
OakHaven has created an amazing environment that embraces the principles of love, acceptance, respect, individuality, and self discipline, while never forgetting the celebration of the child. The culture of the classroom and school grounds fosters endless exploration, while nurturing social, intellectual, emotional, and physical development. At a very young age, my daughter is able to appreciate the simple joys of self-discovery and personal value through individual lessons and guided encouragement of the directress and class assistant.
I am amazed by the overall passion for learning and the very evident dedication of the staff and families. The staff and school leadership have a genuine commitment to the families of OakHaven and through their sincere efforts have established a community dedicated to peace and harmony. Everyday I am thankful to be a part of the OakHaven Family and I am excited about the possibilities the future holds for my children!” -Nicole Phillips, RN, BS

They nurture the children from wherever they are developmentally.

Developmentally Appropriate Education

“We love the safe, consistent, respectful environment and the loving teachers at OakHaven. The owners, administrators and teachers are all committed to the children and to the parents. They nurture the children from wherever they are developmentally and help them grow. And they are constantly offering free parenting classes, health seminars, and Montessori education for parents and grandparents.

Since she started at OMS, my daughter no longer has HUGE fits of frustration! She is not rushed at school and she is so happy!– probably because of the freedom and responsibilities with which she is trusted. -Kristine Ryan

She loves coming to school every day!

Joy of Montessori Class

“OMS has provided my daughter with the foundation she needs to be a strong, independent and loving individual. She is able to do so many things now– things I wouldn’t have imagined a 3 year old could do! She is more confident and patient, and she loves coming to school every day!

The best thing for me is the peace of mind I have knowing my child is receiving the best education and knowing that the teacher loves her almost as much as I do!” -Allison Wood

We feel like she is in the hands of family every day.

Loving Montessori Environment and Dedicated Staff

“During a recent return to school to pursue my degree, I was required to read and analyze The Montessori Method for one of my classes. While I found the methods to be interesting and innovative for the time, I was skeptical that they would be effective in our society today. I decided to search for a Montessori school that would not only implement her true methods, but duplicated the classroom settings as well.
From the moment I walked into the classroom and met Fred and Judy Henrichs, I knew that my daughter would be attending OakHaven. It was warm, inviting, and filled with all of the interesting utensils for learning that I had just recently studied. I couldn’t have been more impressed with the environment that had been perfectly assembled for personal development, or with the people that I met.
Alyssa has been at OMS for a year and a half now, and she amazes me every day with her knowledge, confidence, absolute determination, and self reliance. Her vocabulary, social skills, and willingness to help and teach other children what she has learned, is a direct result of what OakHaven and the Montessori Method is all about.
But what is just as equally important as the life learning experience that she’s receiving, is that my wife and I have absolutely no concerns about dropping her off at school every day. We both work full time so Alyssa is there five days a week, yet we aren’t concerned about her because we feel like she is in the hands of family every day. And that’s because she is.”
-Rob Smith

I want something more…and I have found it at OakHaven.

“I know my children will learn to read and write and do arithmetic in whatever school they are in. And, I want something more….
This is what I want for my children: to become self-motivated, independent learners; to learn for the love of learning vs. grades and awards; to discover what they are passionate about; to learn to work collaboratively with their peers; to learn how to be a part of and to create a caring community; to grow socially and emotionally; to learn about focus, hard work, persistence, delayed gratification and self-discipline. I want my children to feel proud of their accomplishments and own their successes. I want them to have confidence from facing adversity, struggling, and then overcoming it.
I don’t want grades that emphasize not making mistakes. I want them to make mistakes today and learn from them, and make new mistakes tomorrow, and grow from them. I don’t want a time limit on my child’s interest. When they are concentrating and interested, I want to encourage and foster that, not switch subjects because that is what time it is.
I don’t want a school by default; I want a school by design. I want to nurture my whole child, his and her physical, social, mental, and spiritual, and help each to discover the fire within. I want an environment of joy and peace, creativity and problem-solving, teamwork and community.
And I have found it at OakHaven Montessori School. I have three children at OMS, and each is excelling in his and her own beautiful way and time. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the OMS family, and grateful for the day our paths crossed. It is so refreshing to be on the road less traveled and gifting my children the love of learning.”
-Michelle Bross

I feel so fortunate to be able to bring my son to a place where he is truly respected and valued.

“What is happening at OakHaven right now is something that I never get tired of witnessing and something I look forward to everyday when I drop my son, Luca, off for the day. There is this amazing quality that is almost indescribable, yet is so obvious the moment you enter the grounds. I feel so fortunate to be able to bring my son to a place where he is truly respected and valued.
OakHaven is a school that is carefully built on a strong foundation of principles, values and mission. This is apparent in everything they do. I’m amazed each time I observe a classroom in action. So much preparation and care goes into every activity and each interaction with the children. I always walk away having learned something profound….so much that I try to model my home and lifestyle after what I see happening here.
There are very few Montessori schools these days that are actually designed the way Dr. Montessori envisioned. Fortunately, OakHaven is one of the very few gems out there who understands and practices the true Montessori Method of education. With that and their personal value system and mission, OakHaven is the best school for our family.”
-Niki Anconetani


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