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ResizedOutsideOakHavenImages1OakHaven Montessori School offers authentic Montessori education of the finest caliber. Classrooms and materials are designed to meet all the criteria set out by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI), the worldwide organization that sets the standards for Montessori education. All directresses (teachers) are degreed and fully certified through AMI’s stringent education program. When the required waiting time has been achieved, OakHaven will be an officially recognized AMI school. (For more information on AMI, please go to www.amiusa.org.)

Set on four acres of scenic, park-like grounds, OakHaven Montessori School provides children with a refreshing alternative to traditional and popular early childhood education. The nurturing and holistic environment reflects the spirit of every staff member at OakHaven. Each child is celebrated for his/her individuality as they grow and learn their interdependence with all of life. Exceptional education in an extraordinary environment puts OakHaven Montessori School in a class of its own!

Each primary classroom is composed of a blend of 2 1/2 – 6 year old children (pre-K and K), allowing the magic of Montessori education to unfold.

The Montessori elementary school builds on the academic skills and work ethic established in the primary classroom. As we add a grade each year, OakHaven Montessori School will evolve into a full elementary school accommodating students through 6th grade.

Montessori Lesson

Our Mission

Our school community celebrates the individuality of each child while fostering interdependence with all of life. While adhering to the teachings of Maria Montessori, we create choices, open doors and provide a life education. In doing this we will change the world and help create peace.

Our Values

We are committed to pursuing Maria Montessori’s vision in a loving, nurturing environment.  We work as partners in growth with the children, their families, and the community.  Each day we feel privileged and grateful to be a part of so many lives and we strive to be sure that we live our mission in every action with everyone we touch.


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