10 Little Ways to Show Them You Love Them

We all tell our children we love them, and it’s so important that they hear it! Looking for some fun ways to mix it up and show them you love them? Check out our ten tips:

1.Keep some dry erase markers handy

Dry erase markers work really well on glass surfaces such as windows and mirrors. No matter what age your child is, this simple and fun idea will put a smile on their face: using the markers, leave your child random notes. We use the word “note” loosely; pictures count, too, especially for little ones who aren’t reading yet! You don’t need to be a natural artist or poet, either. A simple “Good morning!” on the bathroom mirror with a shining sun is a nice surprise for anyone.

2.Go beyond the lunch note

You’ll need a permanent marker for this one. The next time you pack a banana or a hard boiled egg in your child’s lunch, have fun with a little simple art! Eggs are the perfect shape to draw silly faces on, and bananas are great for a short note or just a row of hearts.


This one can be tough. At the end of a long day, we adults are tired. Oftentimes, the last thing we want to do is play a game with our child that’s not overly interesting to us. We challenge you to muster up just a little energy, though, for that time spent together can make a huge difference in how they feel. Build with Legos, play a board game, or put together a puzzle. The joy on your child’s face will be well worth it.

4.Use music

Humans can’t help but react to music. Use this to your advantage to make monotonous moments fun! Play your child’s favorites as a way to wake them up in the morning, to help them get through boring chores, or to dance around the kitchen while you’re making dinner together. Play them som