Gift Ideas for Elementary Children

Our classroom has been very active with birthday celebrations lately, and my calendar tells me we are quickly moving toward the gift-giving season of the year. I am frequently asked about appropriate gifts for children of the elementary age, particularly gifts that are attuned with Montessori. What is right for each child varies with age and temperament but remembering a few guidelines can be helpful.


Elementary children:

1. want to and need to move their bodies.

Gifts that encourage activity and motion (bicycles, jump ropes, hula hoops, balls) are great. If you (and your child) are truly adventurous, consider setting up a zipline or a slack line in the back yard. Gifts that refine fine-motor skills are also appropriate, such as card-based magic tricks, juggling balls or a book teaching string games such as cat’s cradle. Children this age are driven to take on and master new skills.

2. love to play with other children or adults.

Social interest and interaction is one of the hallmarks of this age group, combined with an interest in rules. Therefore, board games are ideal. Try something that starts simple but can get complex: such as go or mancala. Favorites of the classroom are: Set , Blokus, and Qwirkle.

3. continue to be eager for sensorial experiences, particularly ones that open the door for wonder and awe.

Consider gifting them with a visit to the MUNY , the Rep, the