This time of year, many of us at OakHaven are spending a little more time thinking about the ones we love; planning ways to make them feel extra special and feel extra loved. We thought it would be a fun idea to ask the children, “What does love mean to you?” As I began to interview the children, it was interesting to watch their faces as they pondered that question. Most of their expressions seemed to say, “Wow, it’s just something that is always there.”, and many of them responded, “I don’t know.”. I really thought about it as I was talking with them, and then afterward as well. It really is a big thing to just lay it out there: What is love? We talked about people in our lives that we love, animals we love, songs or colors we love, ways we show each other love, and then we just chatted about love. Some children wanted to talk a lot, others just a bit. Most interviews ended in a hug; all ended with smiles. I hope you enjoy reading all the beautiful things your children had to say about love as much as I enjoyed talking with them about it. YAY LOVE!!!!

“When you love someone, you miss them a lot when they are not with you. When my dad went on his trip, I missed him so much.” - Tucker

“Love means hugs and kisses. You can hug and kiss your mom and cousins. Love makes you feel good. I love my cats Emily and Nanny. Nanny is the crankiest one; she’s always scared of everyone. I love Ms. Peggy and Ms. Debra. I love blue and green. I have a song I love that I listen to in my car. I really, really, really love my friends.” – Carys

“Love means happy. I love my mom and my dad and my cats and the classroom rabbits and Greyson’s puppy. Love makes you feel safe. – Finley

“Love means happy. Love means loving someone. I love Mommy and Daddy, Papa, Mamu, Wrigley, Grandma Barb and Jeffie. I love animals. I love Shaia. I love petting horses. I love hugs and kisses.” - Sophie

“I love my daddy and my mommy. Love makes me feel happy. I like to get hugs. I love my family. It is special when I get to see my great-grandma. I love her. I love farm animals, especially pigs.” – Emery

“I love my mom and my dad and my sister. I love my kitties. I love hugs. I love songs. Love makes me feel happy.” – Paige

“I love my mom and my dad and ice cream and snack. We are having cantaloupe for snack! Hugs feel good. I love making snack.” – Arianna

“I love my mom and my dad and Jude and my sister because we always play tickle monster. I love Carys. I love my grandpa because he always brings donuts, but sometimes he forgets to bring donuts. I love when my mom gets donuts with frosting because they are TASTY! Love makes me feel happy. Sometimes I give my mom hugs. When I’m on the swing downstairs my grandpa says, ‘Hold on tight with all your might!’ I love my grandma and my grandpa.”- Jonah

“Love means Mommy and Daddy. Love means Sister and Cousin. Love means Ms. Peggy and Ms. Debra and Ms. Amy and the Easter Patch and Nana and Papa. I love mac and cheese and apples with cashew butter. I love sweet tigers – Gina and Fina. I love when Papa holds me on his lap and when we color. I love my blankies and orange and pink and yellow and all the colors.” – Maebel

“Love means the bunny and snow. Love makes me feel good. I love my mom and my dad and my sister and Chase and all of my friends. I love salad. I love purple. I love roses. I show love to my mom and dad by hugging them and kissing them. I draw pictures and color for people to show them I love them.” - Jordyn

“Love means love the bunny and your mom and dad and sister. Love makes me feel happy. I love riding horses. I give my family hugs. I love pizza. I love the song “You Can Borrow My Boat”. I love my friends and going to their houses. I love to go to my dad’s work- he got a new tractor because the Bobcat broke down. I love having sleepovers. I love my family.” - Rocky

“Love means being happy. I love my cousins. I love ham. I love Chihuahuas. I love pink. I love my mom and dad and my sisters. I like to get hugs, and I love to get tickles from my daddy. He always tickles us. I love my American Girl Doll- I call her Layla. – Mayva

“Love means to love people. Love makes you feel happy. I love my mom, my dad, and my whole family. I love mac and cheese and pizza. I love Gigi. I hug my family to show them I love them. I love unicorn colors. I love snacks. I love painting and cutting vegetables.” – Beckett

“I love Daddy and Mommy and Chase. I love Simba and Wrigley. I love Sprinkles. I love watermelon and apple juice. Love makes me feel happy. I love hugs from Mommy and Daddy. Daddy’s name is Arnold. I love pink and yellow.” –Bailee

“I love to be with my family and having sleepovers at my grandma’s. I love being at my house. I love playing. Love makes me feel good. I show people I love them by giving them hugs. I love blue. I love to go to my uncle’s house.” – Will

“Love means to respect others. I like to give things to people I love to show them I love them. I love my family. I love my rabbits and I still love my dog Truman, but he passed away. I love candy. I love the colors gold and silver. I LOVE snuggling. I love to read Nate the Great. I show my mom and dad I love them by hugging them and kissing them.” – Harrison

“Love makes me think about hearts. I love my mommy and my daddy and my sister and my grandma. Love makes me feel happy. I can tell people love me when they tell me they love me. I love pumpkin bread. I love green and red. I tell my mom and dad I love them. I love big cats. I love tigers the most.” – Alyssa

“Love makes me feel happy. I love my mom and my dad and my brothers. I love my pets. I can tell someone loves me when they give me hugs. I love to eat turkey. I love green and red. I love the Blues. I love Bread Co. mac and cheese. I love the song “Kick the Dust Up”. I love the book my mom made about me and Jude.”- Ainsley

“Love means to love each other. I love my baby brother and my little sister. I love my mom and my dad. Love makes me feel good. I love my Cricket- she passed away. I love pink and blue and purple and yellow. I love the song “Regina Chile”. I show my mom and dad I love them by hugging them.” – Miriam