There's No Place Like...School

As I greeted the Primary children on our first day back from winter break, I was pleasantly surprised by their comments. “That break was too long!”, “I waited forever to come back to school,” “Finally, I get to be back in our classroom!” and “Did you stay in our classroom and wait for us the whole time we were gone?” It made me happy to know that they were glad to be back. But what about our school makes it so nice for the children to come back? Curious, I decided to do a little interview with each of them. I asked them what their favorite thing to do at school was, what makes them happy at school, or why they enjoy being at school. Their responses were pretty adorable, so I had to share!


Sophia - “I love singing on the rug and when we are so, so, so, so peaceful.”

Jordyn - “I like working and playing with my friends. Not playing while I’m working, though.”

Emma - “It makes me happy to meet new friends at school. We have a lot of new friends.”

Deniz - “I like school because we get to move around a lot.”

Max - “Well, getting new lessons apparently. That’s why I like school.”

Tucker - “At school, I like to do the barn work and play outside with friends.”