Ms. Mikol Gets Pie in the Face for St. Jude's

For the past few weeks, the elementary students worked to raise money for St. Jude's. The children went door-to-door, brought in their own money, and held a bake sale to raise over $1,100! As a result of the money the students raised, Ms. Mikol spent the past week holding up her end of the deal - she agreed to perform various tasks for each benchmark the children reached in their fundraising efforts. Because the elementary students surpassed their total goal, Ms. Mikol went the entire week dressed as a unicorn with pink and purple hair. She also decorated her car as a unicorn and received not 1, but 2 (!) pies in the face.

Thank you to Ms. Mikol for being a St. Jude's Hero. Thank you to the elementary children whose hard work and determination resulted in such a meaningful contribution to St. Jude's. Thank you to every one of you for supporting the children's efforts and helping them reach their goal!



Ms. Mikol's Jeep decorated as a unicorn


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