Thank you, Mom and Dad Happy Mother’s Day! Happy Father’s Day!

As an adult child and a parent myself, I now have a whole new level of gratitude and appreciation for my parents. When I was younger, while I genuinely did feel very grateful to be the daughter of two such extraordinary people, I couldn’t comprehend how very much I had to be thankful for. As I get older (and hopefully a bit wiser, too), I realize more and more everyday how blessed I am to have been raised by parents who were endlessly loving, supportive, involved, and generous. They didn’t just tell me that they loved me everyday - they showed me in every way possible - even and especially when times were hard.

I see that same level of deep love, support, involvement and generosity in each and every one of you. Now that some of your “babies” are getting older, they can start to tell and show you that they’re grateful for you - and I hope they do. But until they have the ability to say all of this for themselves, I will offer you some gratitude and appreciation on their behalf...

Thank you for your love. Every parent loves their children, but not everyone is able to express that love. You tell them and show them this in many different ways. At any given moment, this love may take the form of caring words, hugs, a surprise gift, just hanging out, or even helping them with a chore. At other times, this love may not look and feel quite as good in the moment, but you’re willing to let them make mistakes, struggle, and work through their own challenges (while offering your support and cheering them on, of course). In a culture that encourages parents to place an enormous value on keeping their children happy and comfortable at all times, the trust and respect you show them in this regard is just that much more meaningful.

Thank you for your support. As parents, your main job is to prepare your children to become capable individuals who will find internal fulfillment, professional productivity, and interpersonal connection throughout their lives. You continuously seek out the most effective ways to help them become exactly these kinds of children, and someday adults.

Thank you for your involvement. From volunteering here at OakHaven in many different capacities, to your involvement in their extracurricular activities, to furthering your own education as to how to best support their education and development - you do it all. This matters more than you can probably imagine right now.

Thank you for your generosity. In this over-scheduled, overcommitted, fast paced, demanding world that we’re living in, you give your children some of the most precious gifts of all - time and space to grow and develop. This shows immensely in your priceless gift of a Montessori education.

As another incredible school year comes to a close, I also want to thank you, on behalf of everyone here at OakHaven, for giving us the most precious gift of all - working with your children each and every day. We are honored and grateful for the opportunity to be your partners in their education and growth.


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