The Silent Journey and Discovery: A Montessori Experience for Parents

Just over 2 weeks ago, OakHaven held its annual Silent Journey and Discovery for our parents. The Silent Journey and Discovery is a workshop that gives our parents an opportunity to experience the Montessori education they have chosen for their children. This seminar quiets the mind so our parents can truly discover their child's Montessori world from the inside out.

Here is just a sample of what some of our parents had to say about the experience:

"Seeing the progression solidifies the decision to continue to elementary. I did 12 years of college and feel like I could spend hours learning things I never knew." - Maryann U.

"It gives me an opportunity to experience what it feels like to be in the classroom in a mindful way." - Joy G.

"I enjoyed learning more about the Montessori classroom. What a great way to experience lessons through the eyes of a child." - Shannon T.

"It was great experiencing the lessons through Conor's eyes. This makes me want to do an observation in the elementary." - Rob M.


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