From the Mouth of Babes

When you get to work with children, you see and hear a lot of funny, kind, and imaginative things. It's just one of the many joys of being around children. The mixed-age nature of the Montessori primary classroom lends itself to many heartwarming social dynamics.

One day, an older primary child was helping a younger child clean the painting easel. The older child said to the younger one, "This takes a lot of elbow grease, and you're little, so I don't think you have a lot of elbow grease."

On another day, an older primary child came in crying because she forgot something at home. A younger child started rubbing her back, pulled out a chair for her, and asked if she wanted to sit down. The older child said yes and sat down. This is the love they have for one another.

As I sit here writing, snow is falling and spring is just around the corner. With this in mind, I decided to ask the primary children, "What are you doing for Spring Break?". Although it may be cold outside, these responses are sure to warm your heart.

Charley - "I am going to the fair. I went to it last year. They have a ferris wheel and games."

Boe - "So, I'm going to Branson. We get 2 whole free pizzas. We're driving, not flying."

Eleanor - "We will play outside and sing a summer song."

Kiki - "Me and my baby will dance on the carpet upstairs."

Audrey - "On Saturday, I'm going to watch videos. I'm going to watch a show with Mommy, Daddy, and Sissy. It has Ariel."

Harvey - "I went to Costa Rica and Seattle with my cousins."