5 Ways to Support Summer Learning

Just because your child may be taking a break from school, that doesn’t mean their learning stops. Learning is a beautiful and continuous journey, and summer is a special opportunity for some families to spend a bit of extra time together. They may not have formal math lessons, botanical classifications, or grammar work over the next couple months, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t so much more to discover!

Here are five simple tips to help your child stay engaged and curious about their world over the coming months.

1. Follow the Child

Take the most essential Montessori mantra and let it guide you. Is your child into dinosaurs? Ancient civilizations? Animals? Whatever it is they feel passionate about lately, help them dive deeply into learning as much as they can about it. This may mean collecting books on the subject matter, helping them create projects, taking day trips to enhance their learning, or consulting online museum resources for ideas.

Not sure where to start? Pay attention to the types of activities your child gravitates toward naturally. Do they like to move their bodies a lot, or are they more likely to curl up in a quiet corner? Are they more interested in independent or cooperative work/play? Are they focused on precision and order or do they seem constantly sprawled out over a large area?

So much of a child’s inclinations have to do with their age and developmental phase, but a large portion is wholly individualistic. It may feel new to you, but try to slow down and notice. You may be struck by the insights you gain, and it will certainly point you in the right direction.

2. Make Memories

Whether you’re home all day or working extra hours, there are plenty of ways to make important connections with your child while incorporating a little learning. Vacations are nice, but children don’t need grand gestures to look back fondly on their summers. They probably won’t remember most of the little details of what you do together, but the emotions and feelings connected to those experiences will absolutely stick around.

A few ideas to get you started: