Biographies in Contemporary Children’s Literature

Biography books for children have come a long way from the dull accounts of people’s lives that many of us read when we were young. Today’s young readers are captivated by learning about other people, whether they be major historical figures or not. The art of the memoir has changed how we tell the story of a life, and that style of writing has slipped itself beyond just autobiographies and can be found in mainstream biographies as well.

It’s impossible to list all the amazing books we would like to in this brief article, but please consider them to be a tiny slice of what’s available. As always, we provide links for you to learn more about each title, and we have sorted the books into different categories making it easier to find something suitable for readers of all ages. Enjoy!

Picture Books (primary and lower elementary children)

Picture book biographies are incredible works of art. The illustrations are gorgeous, and the writing grabs the attention and wonder of young children and the adults who read to them. There are countless beautiful books out there; these are just a few titles that have been recently published.

In these books, children can learn about important human perspectives at a developmentally appropriate level. This includes the tragedy of the Holocaust, thriving with a disability, working hard to achieve one’s goals, preservation of native culture, dedication to social justice, and more.