Establishing the Flow: Your Guide to a School Year Started Off Right

It’s that time of the year again. Over the course of the summer, and even with the best of intentions, some of our routines tend to dissolve and give way to relaxation and adventures. Which is great!

The school year is creeping closer, however. Now is the perfect time to consider what your family will do to prepare for the transition back.

Unless this is your child’s first year heading to school, you’ve probably been through and considered all this before, but it’s always nice to have a little refresher. Read on for our tips to make the start of the school year as smooth as possible for everyone.


Perhaps the most important bit to consider, your child’s sleep schedule is critical to their success. There are three elements to focus on: how much sleep your child needs, when that sleep should take place, and the quality of sleep.

So just how much sleep does your child need? It depends on the individual, but age plays an important role. Here are the AAP's recommendations on how much sleep children should get within each 24 hour period. (Times include naps.)

4 months - 1 year 12 - 16 hours

1 - 2 years 11 - 14 hours

3 - 5 years 10 - 13 hours

6 - 12 years 9 - 12 hours

13 -18 years 8 - 10 hours