The Shocking Truth About Montessori Teachers

We can’t tell you how many times we have heard this story: A parent chooses a preschool program - Montessori or otherwise - and the child begins instruction. Things start out fine but slowly the parent realizes that her child is not learning, not growing, not thriving in this environment.

Rest assured, however - it doesn’t have to be this way!

The One Factor That Makes All the Difference

It’s the teacher.

Next to you, your child’s first teacher will have the greatest impact on his overall development. Nine times out of ten, the reason a child has a negative experience in preschool is directly related to the teacher’s talent, education, and experience.

A good teacher will inspire him to explore, challenge him when needed, and instill a love for learning. She will compliment the work that you do at home as a parent.

Why Finding a Good Teacher is Hard

Unfortunately, most early childhood programs lack an experienced and highly educated teaching staff. In addition, many preschool teachers don’t stay on the job for very long. The minimal educational requirements and low salaries often lead to high turnover. Well-intentioned people with potential to be great teachers often use the job as a temporary position while they work towards something more permanent.