To Being Grateful

For each new morning with the light, for rest and shelter of the night, for health and food, for love and friends, for everything thy goodness sends.”

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I saw this quote the other day followed by a prompt to name one thing you’re grateful for right at that moment. That was pretty simple as my older son was laying right next to me reading a book. An entire list of gratitude filled my heart surrounding that moment.

I was grateful…

  • My son wanted to be near me.

  • He enjoys reading.

  • He loves talking about books.

  • He chooses to spend time with me.

  • He was there.

Admittedly, I have days when the gratitude doesn’t come as easily. There are days when I get so caught up in all of the noise that I forget to take a moment. I’m sure you know the noise I’m referring to: traffic, emails, laundry, cooking, feeding the dog/cat, deadlines, children arguing. The “noise” is different for each of us, but for most of us, it has the same result. It can become so overwhelming that it prevents us from remembering the good Emerson talks about.

Sometimes, we see it happening and stop. Other times, we let it become the norm. We let ourselves believe that it’s normal to go along day to day caught up in the “have to” and “need to”. Even though it may be common for us to get wrapped up in the noise, I’d argue that that doesn’t mean it’s normal. What if you replaced some of that noise with, “I need to say, ‘I love you’.”; “I have to look my partner in the eye when talking to him/her.”; “I have to play with my dog.”; “I need to hug my child.”; I need to say ‘hi’ and smile at someone I pass by.”? It seems like making those types of things part of our every day would open up our eyes to all of the everyday things we have to be grateful for.

While I may not be grateful in the exact moment for the new morning with its light (that can be EARLY), I’m grateful for all that brings - morning hugs from my boys, breakfast, coffee, dog kisses. There’s a lot of good happening in the midst of what can sometimes be best described as morning chaos. Here’s to remembering all that is good and cultivating that goodness when the “noise” wants to overwhelm us. Here’s to being grateful.