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Jenna O. - Primary Parent

"I love the step-by-step approach to Montessori lessons and sensorial/tactile materials. This is the ideal way for the young child to experience learning and build a foundation for the later years."

Melissa K. - Elementary Parent

"Our initial impressions from the Oakhaven tour were that the Montessori-way was such a peaceful and loving environment as well as that the children were respectful toward their teachers, each other, and the environment. Each child was given the individual attention they needed and then had the freedom to explore and work."

"Originally, I thought Montessori was just a fancy name for expensive preschool, but once I realized – no, this is a way of life, a new old way to educate, . . . I was mentally and physically out of the public ed pool forever." 

Megan B. - Primary Parent


The students, the parents, and the staff are passionately committed to living the school's mission and values in all that we do. Together we are changing the world. Together we create peace.


"From the moment my husband and I toured the school, we felt a sense of peace. We were blown away as we observed the classrooms and witnessed how the children behaved, interacted, and the love and respect the staff had for the children. We both left saying it felt like family and we knew without the shadow of a doubt that our daughter would be safe, well taken care of, and THRIVE in this environment."

Ashley Becker


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