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The OakHaven Community

    From the minute you enter the OakHaven campus, you’ll notice that something is different here.  Yes, it is a beautiful school, but it’s also a home away from home for the children.  Yes, it is a spectacular playground, but it is filled with nature, not plastic.  Yes, there are magnificent materials in each classroom, but each room expands to a whole new dimension when you experience the genuine love and caring amongst the children.  Respect and honor are a way of life here that breathes peacefulness into our school.


    This spirit is multiplied as OakHaven students and their families come together to have fun.  In addition to all the fun school-sponsored events, the OakHaven Family Association (OFA) plans exciting family activities.  Farm visits, Trunk-or-Treat, and campouts offer a chance for families to laugh and learn and play together.  And several times each year parents have a great time together at the Parents Only activities sponsored by the OFA.


    But the spirit of OakHaven doesn’t stop with our own families.  Feeding the hungry and assisting community members through our Helping Hands project connects us to the larger community.  Spreading our love and gratitude to the community fosters a deep sense of interdependence in all of us, adults and children alike.


    We hope you will come and experience the unique spirit that pervades OakHaven Montessori School.


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