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Primary Program and Admissions

Our primary program is designed for children ages 2½ through 6.  It is a three to four-year program encompassing what is traditionally referred to as pre-school plus kindergarten.

    To qualify for admission, a child must be between 2½ and 4 years old and must be completely toilet trained (no diapers or pull-ups).  Children who have passed their 4th birthday will be considered for admission on an individual basis as space allows and who, in the opinion of the school, will have successful experiences in the program.  Preference will be given to students with previous Montessori experience.


Admission Process:

  1. Come in for a personal tour to discuss your child(ren), watch the classrooms and ask questions. This usually takes around 90 minutes.

  2. Submit a completed application form, along with the $50 application fee (non-refundable).

  3. We will contact you as soon as possible to personally welcome your family into our community, or to discuss the next steps in the admission process (if your child is over 4 years old, we will request that he/she visits the classroom for a day, so that we can determine the probability of success).  

  4. Upon acceptance, you will receive an enrollment packet containing all the information you need plus all the forms required for admission.  Together we will decide on a mutually agreeable start date for your child.

  5. The amazing Montessori journey begins!

    At OakHaven, we accept those qualified students, who, in the opinion of the school, will have successful experiences in the program and will enhance the classes for which they are applicants.

    As a member of a worldwide educational community, we celebrate our differences and similarities, respecting people of all races, religions, and national or ethnic origins.  All are welcome at OakHaven Montessori School. 


Schedule a Tour!

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